Coating Processes

Tank Sizes

24″ W x 54″ D x 120″ L

Tech sheets

Coating Available

PPG’s SPECTRACRON® ZRC Zinc-Rich Basecoat (DragonHide ZRE when combined with POWERCRON® cathodic electrocoat topcoat).

Spin Coat ZRC Charcoal SPR67868A + Spectrathin Reducer GXS63923

MAGNI’s Zinc Rich Basecoat (known as Magni-295 when combined with cathodic electrocoat topcoat).

Primary Specifications

GMW 14671 Type H

Ford DR-020100-004871

Zinc-Rich Basecoat + Cathodic Electrocoat System

Our zinc-rich and electrocoat process provides for a high-end underbody and subframe finish with significantly enhanced corrosion performance on welded and nonwelded assemblies. This sacrificial corrosion resistance allows for lightweighting and thinner gauge steel to be used for underbody parts. The total finish thickness is consistent with present requirements so part attributes do not need to change. The electrocoat topcoat maintains the color and functional properties of the part so the functional and appearance attributes of a part do not change.

Our combination zinc-rich basecoat and electrocoat finish meets 15-year corrosion requirements for underbody chassis structural and suspension components.

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