Coating Processes

Tank Sizes

24” W x 48” D x 120” L

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tank Chemistries available

Bonderite M-ED 9000 / M-AD 700

Primary Specifications


(EC² Process) Electroceramic Coating

Electroceramic coatings virtually eliminate corrosion on aluminum, titanium and their alloys while providing additional multifunctional properties. 

Corrosion Protection

  • Excellent corrosion protection combined with high resistance to chemicals and high temperature
  • Up to 5,000 hours bare scribe corrosion performance on standard alloys
  • Coating and waste streams 100% free of heavy metals

Friction and Wear Reduction

  • Low coefficient of friction in both dry and lubricated conditions
  • Excellent oil absorption and retention properties
  • Extremely high wear resistance in abrasive environments

Emissions Improvement

  • Potential to reduce NOx emissions in the combustion process
  • Reduced combustion sound level in diesel engines

Physical Characteristics

  • Thickness: Can be varied to customer requirements from 3 to 45µm
  • Hardness: Can be varied from 300 to 1,300 Hv to suit the application
  • Roughness: 0.9µm (unpolished) to 0.2µm (polished)
  • Abrasion: 0.5 (Taber wear index CS 10 wheel 10,000 cycles)

    Tank Sizes

    24” W x 48” D x 120” L

    Tech sheets

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    tank Chemistries available

    Bonderite M-ED 50001 P1 / M-ED 50002 P2

    Primary Specifications

    Ford MGC

    (MGC Process) for Magnesium Alloys

    The MGC process for magnesium substrates improves paint adhesion and provides corrosion protection. It can be used with traditional paint processes, and corrosion testing shows it provides improved robustness in unpainted and painted surfaces compared to traditional conversion coatings. It is an excellent solution for Class A surfaces where the ultimate level of protection and paint adhesion is necessary.

    Streamlined Coating Process

    • No cure ovens necessary
    • Room temperature process
    • Uses less electrical power compared to PEO/MAO type coatings

    Rapidly Deposits Uniform Coating

    • 5 µm ceramic layer deposited in ~3 minutes
    • Uniform coating, even on sharp edges
    • Holds tolerances of ± 1 µm

    Exceeds Performance Specifications

    • 1,000+ hours NSS performance sealed/painted
    • Excellent solvent resistance
    • Worldwide coating capabilities
    • Enhanced performance with adhesives


    • Automotive structural components – cradles, suspension parts and space frames
    • Engine blocks
    • Intake manifolds
    • Door inners/outers and other body components

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