Coating Processes

Tank Sizes

24” W x 48” D x 120” L

tank Chemistries available

Sulfuric Acid Type II Anodize
Acid Etch if applicable

Primary Specifications

MIL-PRF-8625 Type II
GMW14665 FETs / FECs / FETu / FIT / FIC

Anodize (Type II) Coatings

Our anodize coatings are also offered on our fully automated PLC controlled overhead-hoist line. This can be stand alone coating, as well as a base layer of multi-layer coating systems offered. We currently offer both clear and black Type II sulfuric acid anodizing coatings. Acid etching is available as well for applicable part requirements.

Anodize coating layers greatly increase corrosion protection on aluminum die cast and extruded parts. With additional coatings used, some lower grade aluminum substrates still meet the most stringent OEM coating specification requirements.

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Mexico Location

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